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visitDalmatiaApartments.com is a sister website of visitDalmatia.com.

visitDalmatiaApartments.com specialist for Apartments in Dalmatia, located in Split, Dalmatia's capital.

Since birth we are in Dalmatia, sure more familiar with all the beautiful places in Dalmatia than some world wide booking web.

Rely on visitDalmatiaApartments.com which lists only accommodations that are located exactly in the requested destination.

Problems that sometimes can occur with world wide booking web, not specialists in Dalmatia:

- most common: world wide booking web lists accommodation in your desired destination with distance range (eg 10 km) which can sometimes be on another island.
- wrong information on the loacation of accommodation that sometimes can be 10-30 km away from the desired destination
- wrong information on the position of accommodation on the map (address and the map coordinates do not match)

Listing for Bol, island Brac, can list accommodation in island Hvar, yes the distance may be 10 km BUT you can not walk or drive that distance, you need to jump over by boat and if you are with a car than you have to find ferry to Split and then to Hvar.

In real listed distance of 10 km may stretch to over 50 km, if your accommodation is not in exact desired destination.

visitDalmatiaApartments.com list only accommodation in the exact destination, and within the public local bus transportation.

Save money & time, keep your smile & experience perfect holiday, with visitDalmatiaApartments.com - specilist for Dalmatia.

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